Our Story

Love Dogz is a home away from home, staying with Rachael and her family.

Luke, Miss Billie and Mya the resident 3 year old Cavoodle.

We are very passionate about creating memorable holidays here at Love Dogz and fun days at Daycare.

Love Dogz is a place where dogs holiday too, with lots of activities, fun to be had and new friends to be made.

Limited spaces for the comfort of each fur guest


Rachael Love

Rachael Love owns and runs, Love Dogz. Rachael is a long-time dog owner and lover since 1983. She grew up on a farm in Northern NSW. The Love family had dogs as pets, for working and dogs for exhibiting in show. One would say that the love of dogs is in her blood due to her upbringing. Her whole childhood she was surrounded by all the sorts of animals a typical farm would have, like horses, cattle, poultry, cats and list goes on.. But, dogs were always her favourite.

Love Dogz came to because of Rachael’s love of dogs and from owning her very own Border Collie, Zack. He was her biggest inspiration behind Love Dogz. Rachael’s owned Zack from the age of 14 to 30. He was her number one, so she understands how much your dog means to you and she will treat your dog like her own.

Over the the years Rachael found it difficult relying on the dog day care and walking options that were available to her. Nothing was personalised enough. Speaking to more and more dog owners Rachael realised she was not alone - so she decided to take matters into her own hands, and Love Dogz was born. A luxury personalised home day-care.

Love Dogz is more than a business to Rachael as she strives for all dogs to be happy and healthy. She has such a genuine passion and love of dogs, that it could never just be a job. Rachael has been working in the Natural Health Industry for over 10 years, giving her knowledge and tips to help keep your pooch happy and cared for naturally.

Join the Love Dogz Family

billie may the dog whisperer

Miss Billie is 4 years old and also Loves Dogs. She, like Rachael has grown up surround by dogs and even calls Mya her little sister. Billie’s fun, loving and carefree nature enables her to form a unique relationship with the dogs she meets. Billie understands that all dogs have different personalities and boundaries and has learnt to love and respect the dogs in our care.


Mya Our Resident cavoodle

Mya is Love Dogz resident 3 year old Cavoodle from Oakhurst Cottage Cavoodles.

Mya enjoys the company of many dogs, big and small. She is fortunate to have so many friends and is a regular attendee at Gold Coast play dates and birthday parties.

Mya’s favourite thing of all is a ride in the car to the doggy beach.